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The mob that was

Johann Gottlieb Fichte

Fichte offered a multiplicity of states to counter the Spinozist intolerance of autonomy, a condition in which individuals are completely self-determining. The Dantesque applied by John Dunn to Fichte. Fichte’s goal was rooted in the Dantean Renaissance concept of the individual attaining crown and mitre, i.e. temporal and spiritual authority over one’s own life. To attain less than this would be to condemn the individual to ‘Hell’, a life without hope, in which one’s eyes close and see nothing, a life with only an animal soul.

Fichte advocated that each individual strive to attain absolute independence, so that everyone working together will create ‘the highest good’.

This demanded a revolutionary breaking out of the Spinozist shackles - which was why the young Fichte associated his own philosophy with the French Revolution and its apparent onslaught upon a feudal regime.

He did not recognise then that the French Revolution served only to remove a serious impediment to the Counter-Renaissance reimposition of feudalism.
Nonetheless, Fichte did believe that the absolute I is achieved only when a perfect society is created, when all individuals have become entirely rational and co-determinous with each other in community. By its very nature, such a society would be post-feudal.

This was the basis of Fichte’s socialism, rather than the Jacobin position of the individual’s contractual subservience to ‘the People’, the mob that was, and remains, easily manipulated.

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Quixotic confrontation with the rock Quixotic confrontation with the rock
A child-like intervention is only without purpose in terms of the former equilibrium. In these terms, the creation of the Universe was an act of wilful frivolity.
John Dunn

Quote every hour: The beginning still is. It does not lie behind us as something long past, but it stands before us... The beginning has invaded our future. Martin Heidegger

Sheep to the lampooners Sheep to the lampooners
They who control the distribution of patterns also control the accord. Even the supposed revolutionaries are given the patterns. The 1960s counter-culture is the best example, but it continues today on the political left, through funded protest groups and lampooning comedians.
John Dunn


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