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John Dunn original writing

William Blake's depiction of evil on Dr John Dunn.

William Blake's depiction of humanoid evil - the Red Dragon

What the devil?

The deceit of the devil drives man from his natural contemplation of God to a life governed by the sensible pleasures of the world which eventually drives him into the grave.

Questions raised by this thought are:

to whom or what does the devil metaphor apply?

where does God reside?
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From the archive: Over-hasty Nietzsche

Nature: a beautiful virus Nature: a beautiful virus
Swinburne presents life as a violent symphony of meeting and killing, encounter and destruction of equilibria. Nature, chaos, is a virus.
John Dunn

Just a thought: It is an open question whether Shakespeare intended to evoke in Othello the character of Henry VIII and his manipulated jealousies with their catastrophic consequences. Othello was black, denoting evil to an Elizabethan audience and he also served Venice. Whether he intended it or not, the resemblance between the maddened Othello and the King descending into madness is there. John Dunn (Renaissance: Counter-Renaissance)

The Oxford to Cambridge Arc 2 The Oxford to Cambridge Arc 2
Further additions to the project, starting with the Gosford Bridge to Buckingham leg of Ogilby's 1675 Oxford to Cambridge route.
John Dunn


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