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For now, i.e. the next few days, away Dr John Dunn very definitely is.

Taking a break from the website. Back in May.

For consciousness

There is no split between matter and idea, since the ideal manifests itself as empirical existence. The ideal is not sublime nor does it supersede reality. Consciousness and external material reality are connected dialectically.

The ideal is not imaginary but rather exists as the objectified form of social labour, becoming the things of the material outer world. The ideal is the reflection of objective reality and its transformation by human activity.

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Strange borderlands Strange borderlands
Stands against, but is yet a part of the world. Substance and thought are one. Thus we have Weininger the Spinozan monist who would have his cake and eat it. All this despite Weininger’s vitriolic comments about Spinoza who, by being a Jew, was predetermined in the Weiningerian schema to be ever a ‘slave and a determinist’.
John Dunn

Quote every hour: Modernity amounts precisely to the slow, gradual conquest of subjectivism: the slow and gradual identification of being and thought, of truth and man. It amounts to the foundation, so celebrated throughout the centuries, of the regnum hominis: the establishment of a true Humanism. Giovanni Gentile

At behest of usura At behest of usura
Hyperborea was a mythical race memory of a ‘prelapsarian’ epoch without demiurgic intervention. Yet the polar ascent is blocked and mankind exists on the equator. Looking down upon the pole, the journey to be undertaken is from the outer circle of the henge to the unifying centre, to the place of sacrifice and immolation. Such a quest was echoed in the procession to Eleusis and the visions of the holy night. Either way, the goal was death and transfiguration.
John Dunn


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