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Persistent thorn in our side, the fallen angel on Dr John Dunn.

The fallen angel, Moushegh karavartanian

The world wishes to be penetrated by the thinking that relives the process for which it is petrified in forms, as nature, as the past, as history. For these forms, taken up outside the process from which they have sprung, and having become sensations, images, and thoughts, are the non-truth that sickens us. (Massimo Scaligero)

Fallen angel

The unity of the multiplicity in my mind may be confronted by what has gone before, by the past, by history; but this would be to face a satanic haunting rather than a thing of concrete value.

I do accept that there is a past, but I do not accept the stages of that past as a succession of its points on a timeline that stands apart from me.

The timeline is a process, and it is my process only; because a point in history taken as an object in itself cannot be other than static. No object, the past included, has a self-existence that allows it to live outside the process that is my thinking.

I do not bring a stage of history to life, only to drop it and then hop from this to the next stage, since a stage from which I detach myself is no longer an act of my mind, it falls outside my mind as a kind of Lucifer, a fallen angel.

© John Dunn.

From the archive: Imagining Urizen

Silesius prompted thoughts Silesius prompted thoughts
All history, all present, all future is the forest. No tree falls there unless man sees.
John Dunn

Just a thought: The shooting down of the shibboleth albatross was unpremeditated and impulsive, a childlike act of spontaneity, creativity and imagination or, in Coleridge’s own terms, a divine act that asserted individuality and set the mariner apart. The mariner lived on, delivered from anonymity. The rest of the crew, the ‘they’, all died, anonymously, en masse. Whilst the ship of fools went down, redolent of a descent into Hell, he was reborn, destined to proclaim the shocking terror of the truth, a destiny that, ultimately, Coleridge felt he had failed to fulfil in real life. John Dunn, (Child of Encounter))

The Oxford to Cambridge Arc 2 The Oxford to Cambridge Arc 2
Further additions to the project, starting with the Gosford Bridge to Buckingham leg of Ogilby's 1675 Oxford to Cambridge route.
John Dunn


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