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Superseded by Love

Thoughts below, driven by my re-reading of blogs transferred to my ‘Thought piece’ Scaligero.

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Matter of faith

Everyone’s fiction


The critique of the idea of God as as something ‘separate and over there’ is a theme that persists despite the best efforts of the proponents of religionism.

Random examples of such critics of the idea come to mind from my own current reading; I’m thinking of Percy Shelley, William Blake, Martin Buber and Simone Weil.

I relate these examples to the persistent critique of a faith in a world outside us that we perceive as given to us in completed form, when in fact it is we that have done the completing.

We are left believing that the world would be the same without us. We are left to believe in an evolutionary process that exists as a self-contained process with its own laws, when it is not. We are led to believe that trees fall in the forest when we are not there - they do not.

The truth is that none of us are actively conscious of the thinking that acts as an original force to create the world that we see around us. We live with the cruel and stultifying fiction that the world is pre-made and complete and we are simply dropped into it to live our lives and tinker with what we are given.

The Fall from faith came as knowledge was gained. Instead of being driven by laws of external compulsion, the Fall opened the way for people to look inwardly for the truth. This was expressed in the Biblical supersession of Judaism by Christianity. The law works from external compulsion, but what Christ brought to redeem the world works from inside. We are each obliged to overcome the obstacle to truth, i.e. the myth of enchantment that leads us to see the truth only outside of itself.

A god-apart is a god of this external truth, the reflected world, the faith-based world, the world seemingly devoid of our own involvement, in which we must have blind faith.

Thus the god as understood by the Jews was superseded by the internal truth, the God of Love.

God is love; and he that dwelleth in love dwelleth in God, and God in him. (1 John 4:16)
© John Dunn.

From the archive: Escaping Spinozist hypostasis - (Hell in Dante’s terms)

Rudolf Steiner on Man in our epoch Rudolf Steiner on Man in our epoch
Man has the ability to perform an act of freedom and reject the easy path of Ahriman, to find the more difficult one of Christ. But he can't find Christ if he first does not know the reality of the world.
John Dunn

Just a thought: In its return to Hellenism and the lifting of irrational Judaic Messianic magic from the tragedy of Jesus; in its return to Platonism and rationalism and in its rejection of bestialised serfdom, Renaissance humanism was a revolution against the Diocletian Order and the Jehovian Terror. (Renaissance: Counter-Renaissance) John Dunn

The Oxford to Cambridge Arc 3 The Oxford to Cambridge Arc 3
Further additions to the project, starting with the Buckingham to Newport Pagnell leg of Ogilby's 1675 Oxford to Cambridge route.
John Dunn


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