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In a coming together the Beginning begins on Dr John Dunn.

The self originates in encounter

Thus spake Eros...

Every man lives a deluded life, but some are awakened to the divine potential for their being. Whether or not man acts out the potential given by God, his true self is nevertheless kept in God and, contemplated by Him. That is to say the divine potential is constant, and is the true self of any individual, regardless of the deluded persona under which he might exist. The point at which the deluded individual recognises that he is divinely interconnected with another being’s true self is Love. Love transcends the deluded state in which one or both or more true selves are enshrouded, and establishes a relationship of true selves, a communion, however fleeting, during which they more closely track the divine intention given to them.

The cosmic metaphor of Love’s penetration of Ananke’s dreary equilibrium and interminable cycle symbolises the impact of encounter upon the individual. The self originates in encounter, in Love, in the Beginning.

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From the archive: Violation, disruption and overturning

Scaligero Scaligero
The writer who fused the thinking of Giovanni Gentile, Julius Evola and Rudolf Steiner and went beyond each of them.
John Dunn

Just a thought: The Passion was the turning point and continues to be so. Before the Passion, there was death of the self. After the Passion, there is new life. We are called to reject the god of this world in order that we may have new life. Away with the laws of necessity. In proclaiming the good news about choice, Jesus was the restorer of humanity, the Saviour of mankind. John Dunn (Child of Encounter)

The Oxford to Cambridge Arc The Oxford to Cambridge Arc
I will follow these routes and others by map and by cycling and motorcycling along the roads to unearth the archaeology of this ancient Gough map and the later accretions that followed in its path.
John Dunn


Coln St Aldwyns on Dr John Dunn. New YouTube video

Pottering along the old Salt Way in the Cotswolds

Hailes in Gloucestershire to Lechlade on Thames.

"I’ve wanted to ride along this old Salt Way for some time now."

Now available to view on my YouTube Channel.

Slowing down the tempo a little after my race with T E Lawrence and the Bristol fighter.

Motorcycle touring in search of the historical, quirky and unusual features of the English countryside as seen from the saddle.

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