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Italian poet on Dr John Dunn.


A 300-year interregnum in this historical continuity occurred when the Jehovian Terror was challenged by the explosion of art and creativity triggered by Dante’s anti-Messianic Divine Comedy. In the ecstatic attainment of his paradisal objective, Dante saw the image of man in the divine light. This was outside and beyond stasis. (Ecstacy - ec outside, stacy stasis). It was as though Swayambhu had breached the interminable cycle once more. A new order emerged as the Renaissance state, modelled on Dante’s De Monarchia. Dante believed that peace was only achievable when a single monarch replaced divisive rival interest groups. Prophets of the new order’s Utopian potential included Nicholas of Cusa, Thomas More and Erasmus; and the first shoots of its emergence were seen in the France of Louis XI, the England of Henry VII and the Spain of Ferdinand and Isabella. The power of the oligarchs was curtailed and the Jews expelled.

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Humanism restored Humanism restored
Fichte contended that God is not dead Being before which man is passive, but rather pure action. In effect Fichte posited God as the moral world order, which humanity continually strives to realise here on earth.
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Quote every hour: Properly, we should read for power. Man reading should be man intensely alive. The book should be a ball of light in one's hand. Ezra Pound

Moral destiny
 Moral destiny

Fichte spelt out a specific, all‐transforming, intervention into history, advocating a socialist utopia that emphasised a shared language, culture and moral destiny.
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