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John Dunn original writing

All the past is in here my head on Dr John Dunn.

Sovereignty of your thinking

Listen, Eros speaks...

Declare the sovereignty of your thinking, to the extent that it moves according to the synthetic power of the Originatory Principle, the Logos.

History gathered up eternally in my mind

Eros, I hear your words and act upon them.

I am not the Logos without being the whole of the “I think”; and what “I think” is always one in so far as it is the Logos.

This distinguishes me from the Children of Satan and the dumb fools of Beulah, to whom multiplicity always belongs to the content of the consciousness abstractly considered and external to being.

In reality the multiplicity is always reconciled in the unity of my thinking.

True history is not that which is unfolded in time but that which is gathered up eternally in my mind.

I reject no single finite thing, for each finite thing is the reality of the Logos, Truth, Love.

The cosmos is the eternal theogony of my inner being.

© John Dunn.

From the archive: Thus spake

Nature: a beautiful virus Nature: a beautiful virus
Swinburne presents life as a violent symphony of meeting and killing, encounter and destruction of equilibria. Nature, chaos, is a virus.
John Dunn

Just a thought: Man is not man naturally, but becomes man through self- knowledge and self-choice. Man is a spirit because he can choose to be a beast or an angel. Freedom implies growth from within, not from without. The growth of a plant illustrates the latter; the growth of a man illustrates the former. John Dunn (Child of Encounter)

The Oxford to Cambridge Arc The Oxford to Cambridge Arc
I will follow these routes and others by map and by cycling and motorcycling along the roads to unearth the archaeology of this ancient Gough map and the later accretions that followed in its path.
John Dunn


Drawing of T E Lawrence on Dr John Dunn. YouTube video now live

T. E. Lawrence, Lawrence of Arabia, aka T. E. Shaw races a Bristol Fighter on his Brough Superior

"One of England’s straightest and fastest roads"

I follow the route of one of the most famous motorcycle rides in history.

T. E. Lawrence aka Lawrence of Arabia aka T. E. Shaw left RAF Cranwell in Lincolnshire to ride to his lodgings in Lincoln.

Inthe chapter entitled 'The Road' from his book The Mint, (published posthumously in 1955), Lawrence wrote of how one evening, on the A15 between Cranwell and Lincoln, he encountered a Bristol Fighter biplane whose pilot was up for a race.

In the video, despite being hampered by a host of speed restictions, I follow the exact route that was taken by Lawrence when he pitted the power of his Brough Superior against the latest in aircract technology at the time.

I read selected passages from Lawrence's book to give a flavour of how he captured the thrill of a short ride and turned it into a stirringly monumental and lasting epic.

© Dr John Dunn.

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