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Georges Sorel the great thinker and writer on Dr John Dunn.

Georges Sorel

To intellectualise was to dehumanise

Whilst Malevich was intellectualising the black square, Georges Sorel and Édouard Berth, with Proudhon in their pockets, railed against such rationalistic decadence. Reducing humanity to something rationally understood was an insult to the power of imagination and creativity that was at the heart of human consciousness. In Sorel’s mythic conception, artists like Malevich were condemned as déclassé allies of rationalism, democratic demagogues and cultural decadence and thus devoid of human consciousness. Wedded to mercantile interest and intellectualist ideology, they symbolised the sterile intellectual whose inability to create had its social counterpart in the unproductive economics of the financier. If creativity was the essence of humanity, then to intellectualise was to dehumanise and also forfeit the right to be considered human.

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From the archive: Teetering on the edge of revelation

Evola - formless to formed Evola - formless to formed
Transmutation – stated Evola – must always proceed from ‘formless universality’ to ‘formed individuality’ and not the other way around.
John Dunn

Just a thought: The Renaissance was crushed by the resurgent oligarchy in a Counter-Renaissance which was more ruthless in its exploitation and bestialisation of mankind on a global scale than ever before. Most cruelly, the mind of man has remained controlled and manipulated in the name of freedom ever since. John Dunn (Renaissance: Counter-Renaissance)

The Oxford to Cambridge Arc 6 The Oxford to Cambridge Arc 6
Further additions to the project, starting with Herman Moll's alternative to the Buckingham and Bedford route.
John Dunn


England idyll on Dr John Dunn. Motorcycle England
YouTube Channel

In search of the historical, quirky and unusual features of the English countryside as seen from the saddle.

Join me as I follow maps, park up and take a look around. CLICK HERE

“Seeking out historical places of interest has given me wonderful motorcycling opportunities over the years… roads and little lanes, through a variety of landscapes that bear the scars, marks and imprints of those that have trodden, worked and fought on the land before us.”

“Any excursion, whether it be by motorcycle, car, bicycle or on foot, is always better for having an object, or goal in mind. I could take no pleasure in riding around just for the sake of it. There has to be a mission.”

“I ride my motorcycle to seek out things ancient, quirky and monumental, taking in the views, and ‘reading’ the landscape,its geology and history, as I do so.”

Original commentary to all videos researched, written and read by John Dunn.

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