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Constantine favoured Jehovah

A measure of the Jews’ status in the Empire is to be found in the manner in which Old Testament Jehovianism was readily adopted as the basis of the new officially constructed religion. John Dunn writes the rule. Rather than a religion of convergence with the One, Constantine’s regime favoured the arbitrary rule of an Old Testament Jehovah and an impassable gulf between dependent individuals and their absolute source.

Deification, the incarnation of God in man was contained. Jesus was given the special messianic status, which came from a Jewish historic mythology, that very same status deemed to be tragic by the Hellenic mind. The new religion readily incorporated a New Testament consisting in large part of the letters of Paul, a Messianic Jew who worshiped Jesus as the Christ, or promised Messiah of the Jews.

The great irony is that the original Greek Tragedy of Mark, written by Seneca, or other author in the Stoic tradition, to depict the tragic fall of Jesus to Judaic Messianism, was actually adapted to provide the raw material from which the other gospels were derived. Even so, the source work Mark, which had no account of the virgin birth and ended at the tomb, was deemed to be deficient for the Bible that was commissioned, paid for, inspected and approved by Constantine. Not only was Mark placed second in the order of the New Testament, but was given a new forged ending to include a resurrected Christ.

The later Matthew and Luke, both based on Mark and the conveniently missing Q, were also written in such a way that the anti-plutocratic sayings of the cynic sage in Mark were wholly blunted. The Gospel according to Matthew shows the change which took place. There it is stated: ‘Blessed are the poor in spirit: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven .... Blessed are they that hunger and thirst after righteousness; for they shall be filled’ (Matthew, 5:3, 5:6). The poor have become the poor in spirit; the kingdom of God is now only the kingdom of heaven; the famished now only hunger for righteousness. The revolutionary religion of the popular masses was changed into a religion of consolation for these same masses.

This had the advantage of ‘kicking Jesus upstairs’, leaving the rest of mankind firmly on this side of the Jehovian gulf, stripped of any claims to divinity, in this world at least. The new Jehovianism promoted the opposite of deification, i.e. the bestialisation of mankind. If Jew meant trade, Christian could now safely mean serf.

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Superordered space Superordered space
From puppethood to human meant a separation from nature, a victory over nature, a Victory over the Sun. Suprematic paintings don’t have the old bottom-top orientations that depend on gravity. Malevich’s Black Square is a new superordered space, a reality beyond the senses - perfect unchanging form.
John Dunn

Quote every hour: All my life I believed I knew something. But then one strange day came when I realized that I knew nothing, yes, I knew nothing. And so words became void of meaning. I have arrived too late at ultimate uncertainty. Ezra Pound

Make it new Make it new
Who were the worms to Nietzsche and Sorel? They were the product of liberal democracy, whose spontaneity, invention, and creative will had been crushed by la petite science, the petty bureaucratic imposition of quasi-scientific rules upon society. Human no longer, these were the worms.


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