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After a short break, Dr John Dunn will resume blogging.

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To bring a sword

The Passion was not provoked by man’s unwillingness to recognise the universal absolute values that Jesus incarnated, but rather by the claims to a special messianic status originating in Jewish historicist mythology, which has no claims to the acceptance of all men.

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Monstrous Spinoza Monstrous Spinoza
Transform the world he did, but I contend that the ‘salvation’ on offer from Spinoza was the Kabbalist¹s Tikkun and cannot be separated from the goal of restoring the shattered prestige and economic interests of his own Marrano-Jewish community.
John Dunn

Quote every hour: I guess the definition of a lunatic is a man surrounded by them. Ezra Pound

Swayambhu the 'Self-Created, the Self-Existent' Swayambhu the 'Self-Created, the Self-Existent'
The world came into being in an act of spontaneity. There was no pre-determined reason for its creation, which was an act of total freedom. The spontaneity of this act was likened by Dante to a child at play who turns eagerly to what delights it. Such unrestrained freedom is the foundation for our own human freedom.
John Dunn


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